Visit Georgia


“Sakartvelo” – so Georgians mention their native country, where word “Kartvel” means Georgian. Georgian language and written language is one of the oldest one among 14 others throughout whole world.


Just imagine genetically hospitable nation and country having the greatest history which astonishes you with its geographic and cultural diversity. The oldest Christian State named as the native country for wine, where First Europeans lived and land, from where Greek had stolen the Golden Fleece. On the cross road of European and Asian civilizations Georgia is one big museum, which comprises smallest regions having different natural monuments and traditions. One may be astonished but in any such region one may find out such uniqueness and antique beauty which many countries will envy for.

Ancient legend which exactly describes Georgian beauty: “When Christ divided earth between people, Georgians were late. Everything was already divided. God asked them the reason for being late. Georgian explained that they felt hungry on their way; they ate bread and raised toast to God. God liked these words very much and gave small Garden of Eden keeping for himself to Georgians for taking care and saying glory to him.”     


Owing to love towards the wonderful land like Paradise, Georgians kept this mystic country during millenniums, which even now makes lots of travelers astonished and awards them with the photo-album of memories.



Georgia – Georgian on the cross road of Europe and Asia, namely it is located in Caucasus. It is bordered by Black Sea from West, Russian Federation – from North, Azerbaijan – from South-East, Armenia and Turkey – from South. Though, socio-politically and culturally it is part of Europe.


Capital – Tbilisi

Official language – Georgian

Currency – Lari (GEL)

Time zone – UTC + 4

Country code – GEO

Telephone code – 995

Internet TLD – .ge

Government – Parliamentary Republic

President – President

An area of 700 km 2 -69

The number of people – 3 729 500 (2015)

Nature – subtropical (varied)

National Holiday: May 26th (1918), April 9th (1991) State Independence Day

Ethnicity (according to results of registration of population in 2002): Georgians – 83.8%, Azerbaijan people – 6.5%, Armenians – 5.7%, Russians – 1.5%, Ossetians – 0.9%, Yazidi people – 0.4%, Greeks – 0.3%, Kists – 0.2%, Ukrainian people – 0.2%, Abkhazians – 0.1%.

Religiousness (mainly according to the results of registration made in 2002): Orthodox Christians – 84.00%, Muslims – 9.9%, Armenian Gregorian – 3.9%, Catholics – 0.8%, Yazidi – 0.4%, Judaic people – 0.1%, Nestorians – 0.1% and others.