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Svetitskhoveli Cathedral (XI centry) – one of the four greatest Cathedrals (Oshki, Bagrati Temple, Alaverdi). It is the largest historic church complex in Georgia among those who survived. During centuries it represented religious center of Christian Georgia. The Robe of Jesus and the Coat of St. Elias Prophet are buried in Svetitskhoveli.

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Jvari Monastery (VI century) – Monastery is located at the tributaries of rivers Mtkvari and Aragvi, on the top of rocky mountain. It is included in the list of World Cultural Inheritance Monuments. In 30ies of IV centuries as soon as Christianity was adopted, King Mirian III erected wooden cross on this place, which later except Georgians was worshipped by the Christians from Caucasus that’s why further the Monastery built on this place was named Jvari Monastery.

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Bagrati TempleTemple under the name of Virgin Orans’ Sleep Awhile constructed in 1003 during the reign of First King of Georgia, Bagrat III. Temple is located in Kutaisi and represents the wonderful sample for Georgian medieval eclesaistic architecture. Temple is special for its historic and symbolic purposes.

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Gelati Monastery – Georgian Architectural ensemble, most important center of Georgia in Middle Ages. It is constructed in Kutaisi in 1106 led by David the Builder. It is surrounded by gate. The premises of various eras are included in ensemble (basically of XII-XIII cc.). In the south part of the gate of Gelati Monastery, in main entrance, there is burial place of David the Builder. The Monastery of Gelati belongs to the Royal House. Here almost all the Kings of United Georgia are buried.

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Ushguli – 2200 m. of height is the highly settled place in Europe. One of the villages of Ushguli, Chajashi, is included in the list of world inheritance monuments. Here we meet Svanetian towers serving as guards; they are up to 30 in number.

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