Oldest villages in mountain –through the extreme ways

Fantastic place on our planet which you have never ever seen (Rating published by “Kahoo Travel”) and one of the most extreme transport means (BBC rating) in the most beautiful ravine. This oldest place according to its geographic location belongs to Kakheti, but from cultural point of view differs with its life and traditions.

Villages spread all over the mountains and former settlements carry their primary form till now which gives esthetic pleasure to trip. Tusheti has yet kept the oldest traditions of hospitability and religious rituals, culinary and sheep-breeding. Extreme roads, pedestrian routes, routes passed by horses are connected to one another to the villages located on various mountains (Omalo, Dartlo, Dochu, Kvetera). Those who like traveling to past and seeing old civilization, Tusheti is the ideal place in the world.

2 xazianiOmalo  Oldest village and administration center of Rusheti region which is isolated from Georgia in winter due to the no access to roads. Here we meet Tushetian residential houses, several towers and Keselo Fortrss distinguished for its unique location.



cvrili xaziDartlo – village museum. Dartlo is announced as architectural forest reserve. The traditional Tushetian architecture is kept in best way till now. Thevillage Court was located in marginal road to village, 12 stones for the 12 doyen judges. Nowadays 3 stones are kept, the rest are restored.



cvrili xaziFortress of Diklo fortress in the village of Diklo. According to legend, here during the war of Caucasus 16 brave men from Diklo defended village from enemy the number of which was up to 4000 men. Legend says that fighting for the dead bodies of the enemy lasted for 18 days. Local people pass this heroic story from generation to generation.



cvrili xaziTusheti National Park  National Park on East Caucasus, 900-4800 m from sea level. It occupies the territory of 83007 hectares. It was established in 2003. Tusheti National Park is distinguished for its high esthetic valued landscapes, wonderful Alp valleys, astonishingly preserved pine forests, apex of mountains Tebulo (4492 m), Diklo (4785 m) and Sakisto (2456 m).



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