Capital of Georgia – city where you always be back

With the mix of old architecture and modern infrastructure, historical monuments and museums, general impact on West and East culture, you are expected to find yourself surrounded by attractive and diverse environment. Here in the very heart of Old Tbilisi Georgian Orthodox Churches, Armenian Gregorian and Catholic Churches, Synagogue, Musk and Zoroastrian Temple. During many years the followers of various religion live in harmony and in friendly environment in this small city which is located on both banks of river Mtkvari and is surrounded by mountains from three sides. The oldest churches-monasteries with the most beautiful view of Tbilisi, citadel built in IV century, narrow streets of old Tbilisi and wonderful recreation parks near Lake, night clubs and bar-restaurants for person of any taste. City which will be your friend till the end of your life.           

Legend (V century) – territory of Tbilisi was covered by forest. The sparrow-hawk of King of Georgians, Vakhtang I Gorgasali attacked pheasant; birds fell into hot spring and boiled in. Due to the usefulness of medical features of hot water and place King cut the forest and built the city. The name “Tbilisi” originates from the word “Tbili” which means warm. Exactly due to these hot mineral sources the city was called Tbilisi. Further the sulphur baths were built on this place. The mentioned place is historic area of Tbilisi Abanotubani.


annual event taking place in Tbilisi in autumn. Traditionally, this holiday is celebrated on last (or on before last) weekends of October and lasts for two days. During festival various cultural events, sport competitions, concerts and exhibition-sales of folk creative work of Georgian and ethnic minorities, agricultural markets. The core of events is Old Tbilisi – historic part of capital. Same day people working in various fields are awarded with the title of honored citizen of Tbilisi.

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Sameba (Trinity; XXI century) – Trinity Cathedral Temple, main Orthodox Christian Temple in Georgia, is located in Tbilisi, on the hill of Elias, Avlabari. It was built in 1995-2004, it is 98 meters height ad for this Trinity is the third highest temple in the world, and in Transcaucasia it is the highest between Orthodox temples.



cvrili xaziFortress of Narikala (IV century) – Fortress of Narikala is one of the oldest fortresses among historic monuments. Fortress looks at Tbilisi and river Mtkvari. Fortress was built in IV century as “The Fortress of Envy.” Narikala is one of the most important cultural-historic monuments of Georgia.





cvrili xaziMetekhi Church (XIII century) – Temple is located in Old Tbilisi on the elevated hill at the riverbank of Mtkvari, which together with King Vakhtang Gorgasali (founder of Tbilisi) carries the symbolic form of Tbilisi. According to story from church, St. Shushaniki is buried in old temple.


cvrili xaziSulphur baths (Abanotubani) – one of the oldest districts of Tbilisi. Name is associated with the baths built on naturally hot waters famous since ancient times. According to historic data 65 baths of mineral water have been in Tbilisi in XIII century.

“When I was wrapped in warm and white foam from head to feet, they took me to bath, where I sprang into with such anxiety as if they were nymphs there who have kidnapped Hilas” – extract from records of Alexander Dumas (Caucasus, chapter 35).cvrili xaziSioni Cathedral Temple (VII century) – Sioni is one of those temples which had been built by King Vakhang Gorgasali in Tbilisi, in II half of V century. Construction was continued by the heirs of throne. Also unknown rich widow has contributed greatly in the process of constructing temple. Many icons or sacred parts are kept in the temple but the most important is the Icon of Virgin Oran’s of Sioni. Also the Cross of St. Nino – cross which is worshipped by whole Georgia, is placed in Sioni Cathedral.




cvrili xaziAnchiskhati Church (VI century) – hall type three-navy Christian Temple in Tbilisi where Anchiskhati – Icon not of human making, created by God. This temple was built as soon as the capital was moved from Mtskheta to Tbilisi. Anchiskhati Church is the only premise kept from that epoch. It represents the example for architectural craft of medieval epoch.





cvrili xaziTbilisi Botanic Garden (former Royal garden) – historic garden in Tbilisi. Rich collections of flora of various regions of world and Georgia are presented in Botanic garden. Several bridges are constructed over the small river in the garden, including the arched bridge on the tops of waterfall made in 1914. Also unique plants of Georgia and Caucasus, tropical orangery and plants included in red book are also kept. The area of Botanic garden is 128 000 hectares.



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