Travel in past – be near sky

Svaneti is the treasury for not only Georgia but for whole world. It is one of the high mountainous settlements in whole Europe with the oldest architecture kept till now. It is astonishing to see the oldest Svanetian towers of protective purpose. Despites many battles ad natural cataclysms they stand proud on the background of highest apexes. Svaneti is real paradise for those who are fond of mountain climbing and backpacking. Here the highest and most beautiful apexes (5200 m.), Janga (5058 m.), Tetnuldi (4851 m.) and Ushba (4700 m.) are located. Seeing them gives great impression and you become eternally fallen in love with Svaneti.

One of the wealthy things and treasures for Svaneti is local language. This region had never been destroyed by the enemy, that’s why oldest Georgian population is unchanged. The oldest traditions are kept till now. Svans sing polyphonic songs and perform those dances which are characteristic to only this area and transfer from generation to generation the mystic legends and fairy-tales.

The creations of wild nature and renewed infrastructure in Svaneti creates pleasant and extreme environment. The ski traffics of Mestia and Tetnuldi function for those who are fond of winter resorts. Modern hotels and hostels host many guests any time of year.

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Mestia  Is Administration Center of Svaneti and remarkable monument of ethnography of Georgia with modern infrastructure and medieval aged premises. You may visit oldest churches, Svanetian towers and historic-ethnography museum where great part of Svanetian treasury has been gathered. Ski traffics function in winter for those who are fond of and those professional skiers. Here also functions small airport which is included in top 10 most beautiful and original airports of the world according to BBC survey. Airports provides local flights and is available for tourists.

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Ushguli  2200 m. of height is the highly settled place in Europe. One of the villages of Ushguli, Chajashi, is included in the list of world inheritance monuments. Here we meet Svanetian towers serving as guards; they are up to 30 in number.

cvrili xaziLatali – community located on the border of Svaneti which unites 10 villages. When travelling you may see the oldest towers and churches the great number of which are preserved as ruins. You have to walk a bit far from the road to reach majority of churches, but this is the best way to relax hen walking surrounded by most beautiful nature and seeing architecture of Middle Ages.



cvrili xaziTetnuldi  the most recent ski-boarding resort. The ski traffic line of Tetnuldi meets the requirements of world standards and is the longest in the world (9.5 km) and has the skating traffic line having large vertical fall (1.7 km). Tetnuldi functions during all four seasons, from this period for ski is 6-7 months per year.




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