Travel through canyons - trace extinct animals

^CA502C13BFF8A07329A62E62B626EE0D601EBDDA92CA042171^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrMingrelia is one of the richest and most beautiful areas in Georgia. In this oldest part of Georgia live Mingrelian people. They have their old language Miingrelian maintained till now. Its oldest history makes this area more interesting. It is remarkable that the first oldest Georgian coin – “Kolkhuri tetra” was made exactly here and started from VI century B.C. certain things discovered as a result of archaeological excavations are dated back to VIII-VII centuries B.C.

The nature in Mingrelia is such diverse as in other areas of Kolkheti lowland. The area is rich in Mountain Rivers and canyons. The most beautiful Martvili Canyon is very popular among tourists where in summer to go to trip by boat will leave you beyond civilization and you will find yourself in old times.

One part of Mingrelia lies through the shoreline of Black Sea, where the sea resort Anaklia hosts music festivals often. Anaklia with its air humidity and clean sea creates peaceful environment for amateurs.

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^FB24DDF9C8C9637B4083D2E3E316195961ECE8E13073D1C8A2^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrPalace of Dadianis
 museum was established in 1921. Museum complex encompasses the Palaces of Queen of Mingrelia, Ekaterine Chavchavadze-Dadiani and nobleman Niko Dadiani. Here the botanic garden built by Dadianis is also. Currently 44 475 works are kept in the museum, including: the samples of goldsmith’s works dated I century B.C. – XIX century A.D., archaeological material reflecting the culture of ancient Greece and old Kolketi, collection of holy things of Christianity, the samples of European applied arts (Bulleh, Rococo, Ampir’s style); relics of family members of Emperors of France (including especially those things related to the name of Napoleon Bonaparte), Russia, Spain, and noblemen of MIngrelia, handwritten books and certificates of XV-XIX centuries, library of Dadianis and Napoleon Bonaparte (6000 tribes), sample of military guns of Europe and Asia, painting canvasses of Russian “Peredvizjnikebi,” French Batalists and English “Marinists,” rich photo fund (5000 photos), crystal of French, German, Chinese, Russian and other origins, china – fiancé vessel and other.

cvrili xaziMartvili Canyon  canyon is located on the river Abasha. The Length of canyon is 2400 m, and the depth is 20-40 m, there is 12 m height waterfall in the middle part of the canyon. There are fossilized bones of animals inhabiting the land before 75 million years, owing to which I is the third discovery in the world, on the territory of which the parts of dead bodies of animals of pre-historic era are presented in great number. In some grottos of canyon there are traces of existence of primary human in several grotto of canyon. Despites there are bones of extinct families, including those ones of grotto bear and bison.

cvrili xaziTsikhe Goji – Nokalakevi (place where there city was located), also Greek name for this is Archaeopolis (old city), Tsikhe Goji of Georgian sources is historic city fortress in West Georgia and is one of the most important monuments of Georgia in Middle Ages. Tsikhe Goji was the capital of Kingdom of Egrisi (Lazika) of West Georgia in IV-VIII centuries. Wars of Laz people between Byzantium and Persian Empires (542-562) have taken place here. The earliest archaeological discoveries made in Nokalakevi are dated back to VIII-VII centuries B.C. and indicates at high level of living in this period Nokalakevi. City fortress is built in Nokalakevi in IV century A.D. which then soon becomes the capital of Kingdom of LAzeti (Lazika) that is whole West Georgia. The palaces, Christian churches, baths, water reservoirs, tunnels and other kind of economical or fortification premises are revealed on this territory. The tunnel connecting city to the river is of high special architectural level.             


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