Climb the mountain Khomli – free Prometheus

Not only its geographic location but also rich, diverse flora and fauna determine the uniqueness of Racha. Guests are astonished by the mountainous area, grey apexes of Caucasus and Passes, rivers and waterfalls, huge forest massive and the animals-birds spread over, natural caves and grottos, passes, Alp grasslands-pastures, most beautiful road-paths, Shaori and Lajani water reservoirs.      




2 xazianiNikortsminda (X century) – Nikortsminda Temple is the masterpiece of national architecture. Monument had not experienced great changes during its existence. This happens rather seldom. The dome of the temple has been kept in its primary form. The complex design of the temple dates back to XVI-XVII centuries. Since October 24th 2007 Nikortsminda Monastery is inluced in the test list of World Inheritance of UNESCO.

cvrili xaziBarakoni (XVIII century) – this most beautiful monument makes guests and visitors astonished with its glory and beauty. No one expects that in such mountains will ever see the temple similar to Svetitskhoveli.




cvrili xaziKhvamli (same Khomli) – legendary mountain in Racha on 2002 meters from sea level. From old historic, ancient sources it is found out that Khvamli the same Khomli is considered as the mystic place for Argonauts and Heracles, legendary heroes from Greek myths who travelled there.  Mountain to which Zeus ordered to chain Prometheus and who further was freed by Heracles. The information about mountain Khomli is in the history of Georgia according to which the jewelry of Georgian Kingdom was kept in the caves of mountain Khomli. This jewelry should have been used for the country in misfortune.

 cvrili xaziShaori Lake – the largest and most beautiful water reservoir in the village of Nikortsminda is very popular among those who are fond of backpacking and fishing.  It occupies the area of 9.2 sq.km. The volume of the water is 90.6 mln cubic meters. It is fed by tributaries and sediments which come to the surface (1500 mm per year). The cave is built with lower chalk carbonate rocks, where relevant processes are well developed.



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