Oldest villages in mountain - where there smells for freedom

^30617B900FDD4B6C4FB423E0F41340306A52EF7E15B3C317F6^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrPshav-Khevsureti distinguished for its special poetry and traditions of mountain is one of the most beautiful regional parties located on the Mountains of Caucasus. Here you may see old settlements, mountains with natural lakes, most beautiful ravines and river Aragvi, which is popular seasonally among those who are fond of rafting.





2 xazianiShatili  one of the most brilliant, unique monuments of Georgian Construction Art. The village on the rock is simultaneously residential as well as fortress; during centuries it served as guard to the North transitions of Georgia. Across the edges of village there is row of house-fortresses and joint, inaccessible protective wall, which reliably locks the villages. The only narrow road passing in the Arguni Ravine connects Shatili to outer world.

Since October 24th 2007, Shatili is included in the test list of world inheritance of UNESCO.

cvrili xaziAbdelauri Colored Lakes  the lakes of glacier origin from 2812 meter from sea level. According to their natural colors lakes are named white, green and blue. There is no traffic leading to lake, that’s why for its visiting it is necessary to pass the campaign road. The wonderful natural monuments make walking tours even more interesting.

cvrili xaziLebaiskiri  One of the samples of house-fortress of Middle Ages is five storey tower, the floors of which from inside are connected to one another with flexible wooden stairs.

cvrili xaziMutso  village, historic guard and protector of Khevsureti entrance. At about 40 fortified domestic type houses of Middle Ages are located in the village. Today there are four battle type fortress-towers and several residential ruins are kept, including legendary tower and fortress of Torgva.





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