Core of Georgia – Land of First Europeans


This oldest region is called Heart of Georgia. Name “Kartli” is associated with the name of legendary ancestor of Georgian people Kartlos and Biblical Noah. In Georgian word Georgia (Sakartvelo) originates from exactly the word “Kartli.”

Old and new capitals (Mtskheta & Tbilisi) of Georgia is located in Kartli. Exactly on this territory unique archaeological burial places are located where the scull of “First European” has been found.




2 xazianigori-fortress_3Gori – main city in the region of Kartli. Ioseb Stalin was born here in this city. The great museum carrying his name is located in the city. The only monument and hut has been kept in Georgia, where he was born.

There is wonderful nature in Kartli – there are lots of resort cities, including high mountainous city Surami carrying special importance. For protecting and keeping nature the Forest Reserves of Liakhvi, Algeti and Saguramo are created.

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normal_IMG_7456-saunjeDmanisi former settlement
 Museum-Reserve is presented in former settlement of medieval era and geologic layers dated back to 1.8 million years, where the clods of primary humans and animals are discovered. Since 1991 five skulls of hominid (primary human) were found since 1991 on the territory of Dmanisi former settlement. There is no other place in the world where so many clods had ever been discovered. These results caused great reaction from international social society, because firmly established opinion about re-settlement of the hominids from Africa was changed. The skulls and lower jaw have been discovered here and then reconstructed, further knowing them as Zezva and Mzia. They are kept at Tbilisi Occupation Museum.

cvrili xaziIoseb Stalin State Museum – Museum under the name of Ioseb Stalin, Leader of Soviet Union in Gori, Georgia was established in 1937. The museum is of historic classification. At about 60 000 works are kept in there. Museum complex unites Memorial House where Stalin was born, exposition building with tower and personal wagon of Stalin by which he travelled to Tehran, Yalta and Potsdam. Museum also keeps the personal belongings of Stalin.


cvrili xaziBolnisi Sioni (V century) – Georgian architect of earlier Feudal Era is distinguished for strict monuments of interior – main attention is paid to the internal special pictorial design. Bolnisi Sioni elucidates the next of kin of Georgian basilica with that one of other country with Christian world, as well as its clearly revealed characteristics. The meaning of facades is still f secondary meaning. Georgian inscription is kept at the wall of the temple which dates back to V century.

cvrili xaziUplistsikhe – city engraved in rock, one of the oldest settlements of Caucasus and city center. Firstly we meet in VII century dated written sources. Group of Archaeological monuments are kept in Uplistsikhe and suburbs, from which oldest one belongs to Early Bronze Age and Mtkvar-Araksi Culture.



cvrili xaziAlgeti National Park – Is located 1100-1950 meters from sea level The highest point is Kldekari (2000 meters).

National Park of Algeti is constructed by volcanic and sedimentary rocks. Is characterized by strong mountainous relief, which is covered by many small rivers and gorges. There are numerous archaeological monuments discovered on territory nearby to Algeti National monument from which earlier ones belong to Eneolith and Early Bronze Era.



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