Take a walk in colored grottos – visit the traces of dinosaur


Land from which according to legend Argonauts had stolen the Golden Fleece led by Greek prince Jason. This well-known legend took place before War of Trojan had happened. The territory of exactly this region belonged to the oldest kingdom Kolkheti and the current Kutaisi was the capital of Kolkheti.

Imereti is one of the oldest and wonderful historic regions of Georgia. Here we have Sataplia Forest Reserve where the trace of grass eater and predacious dinosaur was found. From historic monuments Bagrati Temple ad Gelati Monastery are remarkable which were included in the list of UNESCO World cultural inheritance monuments.

2 xazianiBagrati Temple  Temple under the name of Virgin Orans’ Sleep Awhile constructed in 1003 during the reign of First King of Georgia, Bagrat III. Temple is located in Kutaisi and represents the wonderful sample for Georgian medieval eclesaistic architecture. Temple is special for its historic and symbolic purposes.


cvrili xaziGelati Monastery  Georgian Architectural ensemble, most important center of Georgia in Middle Ages. It is constructed in Kutaisi in 1106 led by David the Builder. It is surrounded by gate. The premises of various eras are included in ensemble (basically of XII-XIII cc.). In the south part of the gate of Gelati Monastery, in main entrance, there is burial place of David the Builder. The Monastery of Gelati belongs to the Royal House. Here almost all the Kings of United Georgia are buried.

cvrili xaziMonastery of Martyrs – Is constructed in VIII century under the name of brothers tortured by Arabians. The word “Motsameta” in Georgian means martyrs. Monastery is constructed on the rock from which the wonderful view opens.



 cvrili xaziUbisa – The painting of Ubisa Temple kept the unique examples of Georgian School of Art. It belongs to great artist of its time, Damien according to the researches and is made in XIV century. Ubisa Temple was the important hearth for culture. During centuries the books were re-written here, the Schools of Embossing and Icon Writing functioned here.

cvrili xaziSataplia – The State Forest Reserve of Sataplia is of complex character. It includes natural monuments of various origins. Territory is rich with grottos. Here at about 200 traces of predacious and grass eater dinosaur were found, which are engraved on the limestone. There is Bio-Speleological Museum in the forest reserve.


cvrili xaziVani city settlement  in antic era here was one of the most important cities of Old Kokheti. Yet oldest archaeological material found on the territory of Vani city settlement is dated to VIII-VI centuries B.C. and are presented in ceramic fragments.


cvrili xaziSairme  Balneology resort rich with medical, mineral and thermal water mines is located on 950 meters from sea level. It is considered as important resort area for years. Local infrastructure assists in annually hosting lots of guests.



cvrili xaziTskaltubo  is multi-functional resort and especially is known for its thermal-radon mineral water baths. Local mineral water cures various diseases: system of heart and obliterans; musculoskeletal system, nerve system gynecology, skin and endocrine diseases. That’s why annually lots of people visit Tskaltubo. The period for treatment is 20-24 days.

Modern Sanatorium “Oasis,” boardin-house “Tskaltubo” and hotel “Georgia” function in the resort. Also three bathes, policlinics and Scientific Research Institute of Allergy, Asthma and Clinic Immunology function as well.


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