Look at life through humor – such is Guria


“According to legend, King of India Shedati decided to have Eden and ordered to gather “Guriebi” (beautiful) of whole country and brought to him. The “Guriebi” of the whole country gathered as one were leaving for India and found themselves on the territory of today’s Guria when they learnt about Shedati’s death. They decided to settle here.” – this is legend, but really special people live in Guria known for their sense of humor, diplomacy and different cultural style.

From regions of Georgia this smallest area is awarded by nature with diverse beauty. Here on the shortest distance the mountainous and sea resorts are located. You may go to high mountain medical resort or mountain of Gomi from the shoreline. There is wonderful view seen from Bakhmaro opening through the views of Kolkheti Lowland and Black Sea shoreline. Here one mountain is called as “Mountain of Sunset” where the guests are gathered and look at the most wonderful natural ceremony of sunset.

There are many rivers and treatment waters in Guria. From treatment waters the mostly widespread is mineral water “Nabeglavi” which is of great popular together with “Borjomi” in Georgia as well as abroad. For those who plan to rest in Guria in summer or mountain it is ideal variant for satisfying both desires.


2 xazianiUreki – is shoreline climatic resort. It is distinguished for its magnetic sand. In the suburbs of Ureki there is increased magnetic field which is acknowledged as natural medical factor. It is useful for treating system of heart and obliterans, respiratory system and musculoskeletal organs, treating neurosis. Basic treatment factors are sea air and sandy seashore. The sea depth on long distance is not great, which is especially useful for children to have bath.

cvrili xaziBakhmaro – the high mountainous climatic resort from 1926-2050 meters from sea level where the sea and mountain airs are joined. The air in Bakhmaro is distinguished for its unique treatment abilities. The best time for having rest is July and August. Regarding August 19th, Event of Transfiguration annually Bakhmaro hosts horse racing which celebrates the end of season.

cvrili xaziJumati Monastery – stands on one beautiful mountain. Monastery is known for its antiquities: here were lots of precious icons, historic inscriptions comprising historic names and dates. Monastery represented the important hearth of educational and ecclesiastic life. The most beautiful view opens on Kolkheti Lowland, which in sunny weather is the magic show.


cvrili xaziMonastery of Creator – The monastery complex dated to Middle Ages. Once it was the Center of West Eparchy. The Monastery of Creator not only in Georgia but also in whole country is considered as one of the richest monasteries in Georgia. This was the burial place of Governors of Guria. Since 1995 Monastery was restored and started to function.

cvrili xaziMonastery of Desert  Is one of the oldest ones in Guria. It comprises two churches. The cells of monks and church were engraved in the rock due to which it is named as Vardzia of Guria. One church is engraved in rock, as for the second one – it was constructed from peeled stone, without dome, of hall type. The monastery had rich depository for books which kept old Georgian handwritings. In the beginning of Soviet period, similar to other temples of Guria the Monastery of Desert was robbed also. As a result of robbery handwritings, books, icons were destroyed. Only the silver embedded icon of Johan Natlismcemeli which is now kept in the monastery.


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