Batumi City – visit the pearl of Black Sea


Land from which the apostles of Christ spread the Christianity in Georgia in I Century. This wonderful regional part is located in the Black Sea shoreline in the part of South-West part of Georgia. Here the city of Batumi, named as the pearl of Black Sea is situated.

City of Batumi is the one of the distinguished places of touristic meaning in the region of Black Sea. With its old or new architectural buildings, oldest harbor, botanic garden and seaport boulevard, European stations and streets, world brand high class hotels and picturesque cafes, Batumi is the best type of modern Georgia.

In hot summer days in parallel with active rest you may visit mountainous Adjara, feel the coolness of Black Sea and have completely relax seeing beautiful nature.

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Botanic Garden – one of the richest botanic gardens in the world has been created in 1912 by Andrei Krasnov, who is the well-known classic of botanic and physical geography. The florist wealth of garden is represented in nine departments cultivated on 111 hectares. These are: humid subtropical departments of East Asia, North America, New Zealand, South America, Himalaya, Mexico, Australia, Mediterranean Sea and Transcaucasia. You may walk through Botanic garden as well as use special excursion electric-mobiles.

cvrili xaziFortress of Gonio  One of the oldest fortresses Ginio of Georgia is located in 12 km from Batumi, south part. As a result of archaeological excavations lots of materials dated Roman eras have been found on the territory of fortress. The history of Gonio-Apsarosi is related to the myth about Argonauts. It is known that exactly here King Ayeti buried his son Apsarosi who was killed by escaped Jason. According to some sources, here also Matata – one of the apostles from 12 of Christ is buried. Museum is functioning on the territory of Gonio Fortress. The great part of the unique things of ancient period names as “Treasury of Gonio” are kept in the Golden Fund of Batumi Archaeological Museum.

cvrili xaziFortress of Petra – The ruins of historic city-fortress are notices on the territory of village Tsikhisdziri, which dates VI Century A.D. This territory historically was the settlement for Lazebi – one of Georgian tribes. Due to unique military-strategic and commercial-economic location the Emperor of Byzantium, Justinian has built city here. The most important overland road lied on the territory of city which united West Georgia, provinces of Byzzantium, Iran and Armenia with one another. The navigation was also well developed.


cvrili xaziDolphinarium – was located on the territory of May 6th Park in Batumi, where unique triple-lingual show-programs are organized for the visitors. This is one of the most visited places in the city of Batumi. Park is one of the oldest civil gardens, the construction works of which started in 1881. Except dolphinarium, aquarium, zoo-corner and attractions for kids are located on the territory of park. It is also possible to take a tour by boat in the park.


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National Park Mtirala – name Mtirala in Georgian means “weeper.” During the whole year here come 4520 mm of sediments, which makes Mtirala the wettest place of the country. Name “weeper” also is given to this mountain due to its abundant amount of sediments. Mountain of Mtirala is located between the Black Sea and Mountainous System of Adjara. Territory of Mtirala is constructed with volcanic-sedimentary rocks. Park is characterized with diverse flora and fauna. There are tourist routes for those who are fond of campaigns and shelters for tourists.

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