Company All Travel offers the arrangement of business events throughout while Georgia. Through assistance of our team and partners you may arrange business meetings, corporate parties, conferences and investment tours. Our group works out innovative ideas around the specific requirement desirable for you, for making business visit in your country productive as well as simultaneously pleasant. The priority views made from the business experience of company founders are the greatest advantage of our company.


Why Georgia:

  • Geographic dislocation

Georgia historically is located on the cross road of Europe and Asia where during centuries trade roads connecting two continents were laid. Geographic diversity of small country and investment environment give us lots of possibilities.


  • Hospitable atmosphere

When you go to foreign country for spending holidays or business visit, it is utmost important to have hospitable environment for achieving own aims perfectly. Georgia is the country which is distinguished in the world for its hospitability.


  • Socially economical environment

The current economic situation in Georgia on the background of its cultural and infrastructural possibilities is rather comfortable for allocating your budget effectively.


  • Cultural diversity

Owing to useful geographic situation and long-term history of the country, it obtained and maintained different, diverse cultural values. Despites the oldest traditions, there had never ever been faced the racial and religious discrimination problems in modern Georgia. Here during such long period people having various beliefs and nationality lives together and friendly.

Let’s create comfortable environment and present pleasant memories to our customers. This is the main aim of the company. The effectively planned schedule for relaxation and work makes both of these processes pleasant. For making the business visit pleasant company offers short-term cultural tours, sport events and cognitive excursions in any region of the country.