Vardzia cave – Borjomi – Rabati

Visit royal cave town Vardzia and Borjomi town, homeland of mineral water Borjomi. This is an energy-consuming but very interesting excursion to the southern part of Georgia. It takes 12-13 hours, because it includes visits to most popular places in this region. The city and park Borjomi – the homeland of the famous mineral water Borjomi. The fortress is the Rabati museum in Akhaltsikhe. The museum represents the main part of Javakheti’s cultural heritage. Archaeological exhibits, ethnographic materials, a collection of old carpets, carpets and other. Rabat also includes the ruins of a 18th-century fortress, a mosque and an Islamic school. A wonderful sight awaits you when you visit the city of Vardzia, carved into a rock of the 12th century. Here is the hall of one of the princes of Georgia – the Hall of the Queen of Tamara. In the city, in addition to the residential complex, there are royal rooms, guards rooms, a church and a bell tower.


Best period for this trip: from JANUARY till DECEMBER.

Price for per GROUP in USD:

1-3 person – 255 $

4-5 person – 270 $

6-7 person – 297 $

Child policy:

0-4 years – Free
5-9 years – 30 % deduction
10 years and over – Adult price


  • Transportation
  • Guide & Driver service
  • Pick up / Drop off service (in Tbilisi)
  • local guide in Rabati
  • 2 x 0.5 l. bottle of mineral water per person
  • Taxes


  • Food
  • Tickets to Vardzia (7 GEL)
  • Tickets to Borjomi Park (2 GEL)
  • Tickets to the fortress Rabat (7 GEL)
  • Alcoholic beverages


Vardzia (XII-XIII centuries) – monastery complex engraved in rock. “If enemy couldn’t have known the dislocation place for King Tamar, there were three hundred sixty-five rooms distinguished as King Tamar had ordered, so many rooms as the days are per year; each day each room was distinguished and construction ended in one year.”

Borjomi Town  Borjomi is balneology and climatic resort. Here family members of Russian Emperor, state and cultural workers used to have rest: Maxim Gorki, Peter Chaikovsky, Ioseb Stalin, Giorgi Dimitrov and others. There is mineral water bottling factory is well known in Borjomi. Other small enterprises and cultural institutions are located here (Theatre, Museum of Local Areas).

Rabati Fortress – Historical fortress in Akhaltsikhe,  in the historical district “Rabat”. Today, the rehabilitated fortress is part of the serf complex of Akhaltsikhe, which consists of different periods of the medieval period. This was the region’s most important defense structure, and its walls have been remembered for many difficult times. For centuries, there was a residence of Akhaltsikhe owners. The fortress was surrounded by three fences, surrounded by an underground tunnel.


In the morning you will leave Tbilisi to visit south Georgia. First of all you will get in Borjomi town, city of famous mineral water. You can taste water Borjomi and walk in Borjomi park. Second stop will in Rabati fortress in Akhaltsikhe. Aklhatsikhe is a administration center of sough Goergia. You will  continue traveling in the ravine of river Mtkvari in the south part where in mountainous landscape we will see Khertvisi Fortress (IX century). The astonishing sightseeing pace expects when you will see royal city Vardzia cuted in the rock, dated back to XII century. Passing mountain Erushet, city is cut in rocks with halls and tunnels in distance of 500 meters.

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