2 Day – Kartli region – Central Georgia

2 day tour to Kartli region. Visiting places: Ksani fortress, Grakliani hill, Skhvilo fortress, Dzama gorge, Bateti lake, Samtavisi monastery, monastery Mtdzovreti, King tamari’s bridge, Rkoni monastery, Sarkineti monastery


Two day tour in central region of Georgia-Kartli. Old kingdom of Iberia and heart of Georgian culture. During the tour you will visit cultural heritages from all period of this region and also highlights of its nature. Kartli region was the crossroad of old trade routes and center of local government from the oldest times, when the ancient civilization of Georgia was just emerging.


Best period for this trip: from MARCH till NOVEMBER.

Ksani fortress-kartli-Tour-georgia

Ksani fortress

The medieval fortress in eastern Georgia, in the cross of river Ksani and Mtkvari,  on Mount Sarkinet, was controlling an important strategic roads. Fortress was build at the beginning of the XVI century by Bagrat, the son of Constantine II (king of Kartli), during the fighting between his brother king David X and Kakhetian King Avi-Giorg (1511-1513).

Grakliani hill-Georgia

Grakliani hill

is an archaeological excavation site in eastern Georgia near Kaspi,  showing evidence of human presence possibly back in 300,000 years. The site was discovered in 2007, during work to widen the Tbilisi-Senaki-Leselidze highway. Research is being done by students and faculty from Tbilisi State University. In 2015, a script discovered in the area on the altar of a fertility goddess’s temple is supposed to predate those previously found by at least a thousand years.


Samtavisi Cathedral

The cathedral is located on the left bank of the Lekhura River, 11km away from the town of Kaspi. According to a Georgian history, the first monastery on this place was founded by the Assyrian missionary Isidore in 572 and later rebuilt in the 10th century. Neither of these buildings have survived nowadays. The earliest existing structures are dated by eleventh century, the main building was built in 1030 as identified on the stone inscription.

Tamari bridge in Rkoni-Georgia

King Tamari's bridge in Rkoni

Historical bridge on the territory of modern Kaspi municipality, is the part of the Monastery Complex. On the road to the river Tedzami. The bridge was on a road connecting Shida Kartli with Trialeti. The bridge dates back to the XII-XIII centuries. The bridge is originally preserved and is one of the best examples from Georgia’s feudal age.

Rkoni monastery-Kartli-Georgia

Rkoni monastery

The Rkoni complex was creating over the centuries and was rebuilt many times. There are three layers of construction: II quarter of VII century; XIII-XIV centuries, and the XVII-XVIII centuries, which are in line with the monastic life periods. The complex area is divided into 2 sections. One section is the church and other part is living and agricultural area.

mzovreti-Kartli-Tours in Georgia

Mdzovreti fortress

Building of the castle is directly related to the beginning of the XVII century. The castle has a strategic location for the area. The complex includes church, bell tower. Only the traces are preserved from the palace (long rectangular building) and a few residential and economic structures.

Bateti lake-georgia

Bateti lake

Small lake but with very beautiful nature around, is located in Kartli region on 1313 m from sea level. One of the popular destination for jeep tour through the Dzama ravine. Many new and old monastery complexes and objects of cultural heritages are located in the ravine.

Prices and Details

Prices for per person:

Private tour from – 151 €

Group tour from – 75 €

* The price depends on quantity of persons in group



  • Transportation
  • Overnight in family guest house with breakfast
  • Driver / Guide
  • Pick up /  Drop off service (in Tbilisi)
  • 2x Dinner
  • 1x Supper in Guest house with wine
  • 4 bottle water for per person 
  • Taxes

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