Georgian cuisine culinary style for centuries shaped the world today and takes one of the leading places in the ranking. It indicates its unique spices and a variety of spices, which can be found in almost every dish. There is the essential difference between the country’s regional cuisine. Eastern Georgia, with meat, wine, and animal fats pureulisa abundance there, rich dishes west of the west kitchen, mixed with nuts and pepper sauces, salads and dairy products.




Probably there is not a man who would not know about the light that exists in cooking khachapuri. In every region of Georgia it is very interesting and this tasty dish is prepared in different ways. And this is his appeal. There is not a common cooking recipe for cooking khachapuri. Hachapuri can be round or in the form of boats, can be sprinkled with cheese, and can be stuffed with beans. The beauty of this dish is that in most cases it is made from dough without yeast



The Georgian national dish. These envelopes of thin dough with delicious and very aromatic meat stuff is very loved in Georgia. Well cooked khinkali must be inside the meat juice!

Khinkali – the invention of the inhabitants of the mountainous regions of Georgia. The best khinkali is made in Khevsureti, and Tusheti Pshavi. In mountainous areas khinkali is the main dish. Khinkali in Georgia is made only by hand.

Before you send khinkali in the mouth, it should be a good sprinkle with black pepper, then a little bite, and drink all the juice that it contains. And only then should enjoy great meat with a variety of peppers. And one more thing: the place where it joins the fold test, often do not eat, and their number can be determined how many people ate khinkali. They are referred to as “Kudi” – cap



This is a traditional Georgian shish kebab, which is made from the meat of pig. It is incredibly tasty and flavorful dish that is being prepared in Georgia quite often. There are three varieties mtsvadi. The first – a barbecue from a single piece of meat scraps. The second – a kebab of marinated meat. The third – a shish kebab with eggplant.



This is a meat dish made from chicken, which is then served to the table with the same sauce. In some regions of Georgia instead of chicken can be cooked turkey Satsivi sauce or duck or goose under the same sauce. Dressing himself, in this case is prepared using a large number of walnuts.



It is a kind of stew of poultry meat. When this dish has just appeared in the Georgian kitchen, it was only prepared from the pheasant, but now the most common chakhokhbili is prepared from chicken meat. At the same time before cooking of stew chicken must-fry in a dry frying pan for 15 minutes. But the set of vegetables when preparing chakhokhbili always remains the choice of chefs



Favorite dish hangover Georgians. This soup in Georgia is usually eaten in the morning. Here, too, no vegetables, and the broth is made from meat offal. It is believed that this soup in any case should not try women, and there it must be just under the chacha, but not with wine. In addition, this soup does not tolerate toast, during which it may just cool.

In Georgia, they say,  “eat Hashi in the morning, to gain energy, or cure a hangover.”



Oh, this divine dish is consumed only in this country while on tour in Georgia. What is served in our cafe is absolutely not the grub that prepared Georgian mistress. This kharcho – this soup that combines the softness and tenderness of beef broth, acid and spice tklapi so many varieties of greens, which is sure to put this delicious dish.



this dish is made from nuts strung on a thread, that are watered or dipped in thickened grape juice. Depending on how the dish is prepared, grape juice can be very different in a region of Georgia.